Improving Employee Engagement: The Use of Leadership as an Inclusive Approach

Improving Employee Engagement: The Use of Leadership as an Inclusive Approach

Over recent years, a number of researches have been carried out to understand how employee engagement impacts performance. One constant that has been noted is the relationship with the manager directly. To effectively manage an employee or a group of employees, managers need proper training. Therefore, employee engagement can be driven through leadership

Initially, what counts the most is ensuring that managers understand the thin line between leadership and dictatorship. We noted that leaders who have the company’s best interest at heart swear by commitment. Also, it is important to note that employee engagement creates a competitive advantage through unification. Leaders can use a tactic of their choice or a combination to drive engagement.

Lead by example
In the case where leaders hold themselves accountable to their employees, productivity increases. A good leader avails him- or herself and creates a transparent schedule which allows for direct employee / team engagement. That way, engagement becomes part of the everyday interactions and becomes fostered as a company culture.

Creating meaningful relationships
Regardless of background or position, employees need not doubt their place in the company. Great leaders know how to forge real relationships with their team. Through genuine concern, employees start opening up to their leaders, and teammates. Leadership on the ground includes having regular one-on-one sessions to check-up with employees. In case there is an issue, personal or private, it is easily picked and weeded out before developing into a problem.

Forming High-Performing Teams
Every company has a mission statement set towards achieving organizational goals. Teams perform best when everyone understands that the team comes before the individual. It should be the task of leaders to unify their team, create understanding and make them trust each other. Effective team building is a major tool in creating productive teams. Instilling the value of “getting it done by All Means Necessary” may make a team to want to reach the highest point of success.

Leadership Through Incorporation of ideas
Since a team consists of several people, the leader’s main goal is to unify and facilitate. Employees should be free to chirp in, provide feedback and make suggestions. And because employees are the ones who do all the ground work, they are bound to pick on discrepancies or shortcomings ahead of time. When leaders get feedback from employees, it is usually raw and accurate. Every feedback is effective for a leader looking to progress. With continued interaction, employees feel free to speak out and voice ┬átheir ideas. As they say, a team thinks more effectively than an individual.

To this day, it is evident that employee engagement is an important weapon when setting the company for success. During several test cases, we found out that through constant engagement, leaders are able to manage and steer the organization to success.

Written by Aleksander Tchernov, Co-founder and Managing Partner with 369method.