369method enables employees to build a team-based survey based on three scientifically proven categories that underlie the term Employee Engagement.

how it works?

Every employee has a unique view on how to become more engaged. 369method provides the method that empowers employees to improve their individual engagement levels.

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Step 1

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Step 5

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Final step

Identify ideal workplace

We let employees speak up and identify their ideal workplace. We ask them to indicate the level of importance they feel with statements concerning their psychological safety, meaningfulness and psychological availability.

On average, within the first 24 hours, already 30% of employees respond to this questionnaire! In 6 days on average 93% of employees indicate what they consider to be most important when they think of their ideal workplace.

Rate how close the ideal workplace comes to the actual workplace

Based on what a team of employees considers to be most important to them, a questionnaire of 9 statements is presented. We allow each individual employee to provide a rating for all 9 statements to show how well the workplace scores on these statements. Here we use our 369method App or a desktop questionnaire.

On average, 90% of the team provides the initial rating within only 5 days!

Show actual ratings and enable adjustment of the scores (24/7)

The scores are adjustable 24/7, allowing employees to change the rating for their statements) at any give moment after any given event. Therefore, we present the employees on a day-to-day and insightful way how well they rate their 9 statements and how their scores evolve over time. By doing so, we allow employees to see how close theirs actual workplace comes to their ideal workplace. In order to see, compare and adjust the scores, an employee can use our App or go to their personal desktop page.

Practices showed us that employees tend to adjust their scores at least once every two weeks.

Engage in a 2-weekly performance dialogue about the latest ratings

With the Live scores for the team’s own 9 statements, we allow employees to engage in a 2-weekly dialogue on how they can improve the score for their statements. The Live scores on their engagement levels provide crucial information for a healthy, open and honest dialogue that usually takes no more than one hour. During the dialogues, employees are empowered to come up with solutions and action plans on how to improve their scores and become more engaged.

Execute action plans to improve the rating

The period between the dialogues is then spend on working out one or more solutions that were presented. This is where the employees are empowered to take charge of their own action plans and improve their own engagement level.

This is also where the 369method cycle ends, but...


Our method provides live employee engagement data, allows employees to have continuous improvement dialogues and it empowers them to discuss and execute action plans towards a better engagement level. However doing the 5-step cycle only once is pointless and does not make any employee more engaged. Therefore we focus on repeating the 369method cycle every two weeks. This way the method empowers the employees to be more entrepreneurial and creative continuously throughout the year, making the organization stronger and more agile.

Engagement chart
The 369method provides intuitively actionable real-time data to all employees, including senior management. Each team is stimulated to engage in frequent performance dialogues where openness, creativity and entrepreneurship organically become part of the culture. By collaboratively working towards a better workplace, joint understanding is reached of what is good and what could be improved. Both team spirit and mutual understanding for each other is improved and the willingness to collaborate enhanced.   By tracking the engagement of the team, the impact of each significant event becomes clear and the organisation, as a whole, is able to react timely to business outcomes such as voluntary turnover, productivity and absenteeism.